D'CENT User Guide
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Mobile App "Setting" menu

D'CENT Mobile App Setting
You can change various settings of the mobile app from the "Setting" menu.

Local Currency

​Set the currency to display coin / token price. The following five currencies are supported.
  • USD : United States DOLLAR
  • KRW : Korean WON
  • JPY : Japanese YEN
  • CNY : Chinese YUAN
  • EUR : European EURO
  • GBP : British Pound Sterling
  • AUD : Australian Dollar
  • BTC : Bitcoin
  • ETH : Ethereum

Set additional authentication methods for mobile app

In addition to the 6-digit password, you can also select another method of authenticating to the mobile app. For Android phones, fingerprint authentication can be set as a method of authentication. For iPhones, FaceID can be set as a method of authentication.