Connect with Kaikas wallet extension

Using Kaikas extension with Biometric wallet

Kaikas is a PC browser based extension wallet for the Klaytn platform. Users will be able to interact with the Kaikas wallet to perform Klaytn-based transactions including KLAY and BApps, while the owner verification and authorization are performed through biometric authentication on the D’CENT Biometric hardware wallet.

[Kaikas is available here] Download Kaikas from Chrome Web Store Download Kaikas from Firefox Add-on Store

How to connect Kaikas with Biometric wallet

Step 1) Download and install the D’CENT bridge program on your PC. Installing the bridge program will enable communication between the PC browser and the hardware wallet.

[D’CENT bridge program] Download D’CENT bridge program

Step 2) Plug in your D’CENT Biometric Wallet to the USB port on your PC and authenticate yourself to unlock the hardware wallet.

Step 3) From your browser, click on the Kaikas extension icon.

Step 4) Unlock Kaikas wallet and click the Manage Accounts icon on the top menu.

Step 5) From the Manage Accounts screen, click on Connect. In the next screen, select D’CENT as your hardware wallet and click Connect.

Step 6) From your browser, click on the Kaikas extension icon again to open the wallet service. You will notice that the Kaikas wallet now displays the Klaytn account from the D’CENT Biometric Wallet.

You can always switch between multiple Klaytn wallet accounts by pressing the Manage Accounts icon.

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