Swap is a service that allows you to easily and quickly exchange your cryptocurrency for another one.

D'CENT Wallet provides SWAP service through 1inch DEX, an aggregator that provides be the rate for swapping ERC20 tokens issued on the same network.

Swap service is available for D'CENT App version 5.16.0 or higher.

Access the Swap service

1) You can access the Swap service in the D'CENT app at the top of the "My Wallet" tab or in the "Discovery" tab.

2) When you access the swap service, the connected main network information, wallet address, and balance of your cryptocurrency will be displayed.

3) To change the main network, you can touch the More button to change to the network of your choice, as shown below.

4) In the "Select network" popup that appears, main networks which are available to use will be displayed. Availability of networks listed on D’CENT Wallet may change based on the service provider’s conditions. Swipe up the screen and select the network you want to use.

If an account from the selected network does not exist, you can create it to your D'CENT wallet by pressing the + button as shown below.

If you are a biometric wallet user, hardware wallet must be connected.

Start Swapping

1) Choose the cryptocurrency to be swapped. The cryptocurrencies you already own can be selected in the Send section. You can choose the coin to be swapped by pressing the More button.

Choose the cryptocurrency coin you have.

2) After choosing a coin in the Send section, choose the coin you want to receive in the Get section.

You can also use the search bar to find the coin you are looking for.

3) After selecting the cryptocurrency coin you want to receive, enter the token quantity you want to swap in the Send section. You can enter a coin amount directly in or choose a percentage of your balance in .

In the Get section, you can see the amount of coins to receive in of the Get and the estimated fee (gas fee) in .

4) After you have an estimate of the coin amount you will received, you can set the value of slippage.

The phenomenon in which the price fluctuates between the time of ordering and the time of confirmation is called "Slippage", and default slippage values of 1%. In addition to the recommended slippage values of 1%, 2%, and 3%, you can set the slippage value to a higher value. The maximum slippage that can be set is capped to 49%.

After you have finished setting the value of the slippage in , press the "Buy" button in .

5) You will see the following screen shortly. Confirm the contract address, and then proceed with signing. Once authorization is done, the token will no longer need authorization again.

6) After authorization, you will see the final quotation.

Review the final quotation and check that everything is correct. You must check the box "You are fully responsible for the use of this service." before you press the "Confirm" button. Afterward, double-check that the information is correct and click the "OK" button to proceed with the signing.

7) Proceed to sign the transaction from your wallet and the swap request transaction will be completed. You will be able to see the estimated amount of coins you will receive.

At this time, when you press the "Where can I check my transaction history?" button, the following pop-up appears. You can press the "View transaction history" button to check the history. Of course, you can check the transaction information with Block Explorer by pressing a button like "Polygon Scan".

8) If the cryptocurrency account you wanted to swap is not added to D'CENT, you can add it right away, as shown below. Now you can see the swapped cryptocurrency balance through the "My Wallet" tab.

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