Troubleshooting Guide (Android Bluetooth Error)

How to solve issues relating to Bluetooth connection errors

For a seamless experience in connecting your phone with the hardware wallet, please check the following:

1) You have enabled Bluetooth on your Android Phone.

2) You have registered the Biometric Wallet as a Bluetooth paired device that is allowed to connect to your Android phone.

3) Make sure you are using the Biometric Wallet mode when using D'CENT App with your Biometric Wallet.

Android Bluetooth Application Error

Android's Bluetooth Application has a known bug where the Bluetooth connection fails. You can solve this issue by simply deleting the Bluetooth data on your Android Phone.

Each phone model and the Android OS version variants will have a different method of accessing the Bluetooth Application. For detailed instructions on how to access the Bluetooth Application, please refer to the USER MANUAL provided by your phone manufacturer.

Below is an example of how the Bluetooth application can be accessed from an older version of Android phone.

1) Go to Settings 2) Click on Apps

3) Click on 3 dot icon (or ellipsis) 4) Click on Show system apps

5) Click on Bluetooth Application 6) Click on Storage 7) Click on Clear data and cache

Below is an example of how the Bluetooth application can be accessed from a newer version of Android phone.

1. Go to Settings and Click on Apps

2. Click on Filtering

3. Enable on Show system apps

4. Click on Bluetooth Application

5. Click on Storage

6. Click on Clear data and cache

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