Synchronizing the Biometric Wallet with the Mobile App

When the Biometric Wallet and the Mobile App are connected, synchronization will start automatically.

Please refer to the following sections on how to connect the Biometric Wallet with the Mobile App.

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Synchronization process

The purpose of synchronization is to hold the same correct information between the Biometric Wallet and the mobile app. Following processes will occur during the synchronization:

Verify previously synchronized information

Check whether there is a history of ever been synchronized with the Biometric Wallet. If there is no history, the synchronization process adds additional process of creating accounts by looking up the address information.

Synchronize account information

1) Search the account information of the Biometric Wallet and compare it with the account information registered in the mobile app. 2) Create an account that is not registered in the mobile app among the account information available from the Biometric Wallet. 3) If you have account information in the Biometric Wallet, the existing accounts will be retrieved even if you delete the mobile app and reinstall it.

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