Connect with MetaMask (QR-based)

The MetaMask is a wallet used in various DApp sites by supporting EVM blockchains. In addition to its own account, the MetaMask supports a QR-based protocol for linking with accounts in hardware wallets.

The D’CENT App provides a function to link D’CENT accounts (EVM) with Metamask using the QR-based protocol.

Download and Install MetaMask

First, download the MetaMask Chrome extension from ( and follow its instructions to install.

How to connect D’CENT Wallet with MetaMask

This function is supported only in Biometric Wallet and App Wallet(Software) mode. Minimum supported version

  • Biometric Wallet firmware version: 2.19.7 or higher

  • D’CENT App version: Android (5.16.1 or higher) / iOS (5.16.2 or higher)

The QR-based protocol supported by the MetaMask can only be used when a camera(webcam) is installed on the computer.

If you use an external camera device, please check if the camera supports the auto focuing and QR code scanning function.

[Step 1] Preparing to connect with MetaMask in the D’CENT App

a) After running the D’CENT App, enter the Discovery tab.

If you do not have an EVM account, please refer to user guide ‘How to create a coin account’ to create an account and use it.

b) Select MetaMask Integration from the list or type (

c) Click on Go button.

d) On the MetaMask integration screen, click on Connect Metamask account button.

e) Select the account to be linked from the account selection list and click on Connect button.

f) After confirming that the QR code is generated, Proceed to [Step 2].

DO NOT disclose QR code to others.

[Step 2] Connect the D'CENT Wallet by scanning the QR code on your computer

a) Click on the Account icon at the top right of the MetaMask main page.

b) Click on Connect Hardware Wallet button.

c) After selecting QR-based, click the Continue button at the bottom.

d) It switches to the QR code scanning page.

e) Scan the QR code prepared in [Step 1] using the camera on your computer.

f) When the QR code scan is completed normally, it will be converted to the account selection page.

If the camera on your computer is having difficulty reading the QR code, please try again after adjusting the screen brightness to max on your phone.

g) On the account selection page, select First account and click Unlock.

(In the case of a D’CENT account, it doesn’t matter which account you choose because all the accounts shown in the QR scan list are the same.)

h) You can check the page where the account of the D’CENT wallet and the MetaMask are linked.

Example of how to send ETH using MetaMask

[Step 1] Create ETH transaction with MetaMask

a) On the main page of MetaMask, click the button in the upper right corner.

b) Select the D'CENT Wallet account(DCENT1) linked to the MetaMask.

c) Click the Send button in the center of the page.

d) Enter the sending address, set the desired amount, and click Next.

e) After checking the transaction details, click the Confirm button.

(You can adjust the transaction fee to the desired limit by selecting Advanced→Edit Options)

f) It switches to the signature request page in QR code format.

[Step 2] Create a signature for the transaction using the D’CENT App

a) Access the Metamask link ( (There are two ways to scan the signature request QR.)

a-i) From D'CENT App, go to the Discovery tab and Click on Metamask QR Scan button.

a-ii) Or, click the QR Scan button at the top left of the Discovery tab.

b) Scan the signature request QR code generated in [Step 1].

c) After confirming that the transaction information requested by MetaMask is the same, click the Signing button.

d) Proceed to sign using your password or fingerprint.

d-i) In the case of a biometric wallet, check the information displayed on the screen once more, and if the information is correct, press the OK button and enter your fingerprint or PIN.

d-ii) In the case of App Wallet, enter the password (6 digits) registered at the first launch.

e) After signing, you can check the signature in QR code format.

[Step 3] Sending signed data to MetaMask

a) Click the Get Signature button on the signature request page completed in [Step 1].

b) Scan the QR code prepared in [Step 2] using the camera on your computer.

c) After scanning the QR code, you can check the transaction history in the Activity tab.

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