Connecting your wallet to a dApp site

When visiting a decentralized application service (dApp service or blockchain based service), the website will usually detect the decentralized wallet being used and will automatically trigger wallet connection request. In this case, simply click on 'Connect' button and your wallet gets connected to the website.

When visiting a dApp service, wallet connection may not be triggered by the website. In this case, you can simply press the "Connect Wallet" button from the website menu.

If a website shows D'CENT as a wallet option, click on the logo to connect to the website (dApp).

If a website does not show D'CENT, you can click on either Metamask or Web3 from the list and your D'CENT Wallet will be connected to the website (dApp).

Web3 = D'CENT = Metamask Selecting any one of these options from the website will connect D'CENT wallet to the service.

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