Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What happens if I can't authenticate to my hardware wallet?

Authentication using Fingerprint or PIN is required to unlock your hardware wallet. If a user fails to authenticate over multiple attempts on the Biometric Wallet, the device will automatically wipe itself and delete all information stored inside. You can recover your wallet using the 24 words mnemonic.

Total tries on Biometric Wallet: 5 tries of Fingerprint(if registered) + 10 tries of PIN

In the case of the Card wallet, failing 10 consecutive authentication attempts will permanently block the card.

Total tries on Card Wallet: 10 tries of PIN

Will I lose my crypto assets if I lose my D'CENT Wallet?

We provide a recovery function in case the wallet fails or the wallet is lost. You can restore the entire wallet using the 24 recovery words given when creating the wallet. For more details on wallet recovery, please click here.

Are crypto assets stored in the hardware wallet?

The crypto asset itself is not stored in the hardware wallet. Private keys are stored in the hardware wallet, and only other information related to the account is managed. Crypto assets exist on the blockchain network, and the software application reads the information and displays the calculated balance.

How does the asset get recovered when I recover my wallet?

It uses 24 recovery words to recreate the private key that the hardware device has stored in the past. The original crypto asset does not exist in the hardware wallet, but exists on the blockchain. The recovered key is used to retrieve the information of the existing cryptocurrency asset and display it in the mobile app. Click here to learn how to recover your wallet for fingerprint authentication type cold wallet.

Does the manufacturer of D'CENT(IoTrust) know my private key?

The wallet's private key is generated by the security chip inside the hardware when the customer receives the hardware device and creates the wallet. The private key generated inside security chip is never exposed to the outside. For this reason, the customer's private key is also unknown to the manufacturer.

Does the manufacturer(IoTrust) operate a server? Does IoTrust have my personal information and my private key?

IoTrust does not operate a server that manages customer's private key and personal information. However, IoTrust does operate general management servers, such as firmware management servers and homepage servers, which are specifically for managing hardware firmware.

Which cryptocurrency assets are supported on D'CENT Biometric Wallet?

You can see the full list of all the coins supported:

How do I connect D'CENT Biometric Wallet to the mobile app?

D'CENT Biometric Wallet and mobile app connects primarily using Bluetooth. If you are using Android, please refer here. If you are using iPhone, please refer here. On Android phones, you can also connect via a USB cable. Click here for how to connect USB cable with an Android phone.

I have multiple phones. Can I download the D'CENT Mobile App on my other phone to use my Biometric wallet?

You can use the Biometric wallet with more than one phone. However, you can only use the Biometric wallet with a phone that is currently connected via Bluetooth. If you intend to use the Biometric wallet with multiple phones, make sure you disable or disconnect the Bluetooth connection on the first phone then establish Bluetooth connection on the secondary phone that you will use.

I lost my phone / I am changing my phone. Can I use the Biometric Wallet on the new phone if I download the D'CENT Mobile App?

You can certainly use it on a new phone. The D'CENT Mobile App (Biometric wallet mode) only holds publicly available information such as the cryptocurrency accounts(public addresses) that you have added for management. D'CENT Mobile App only provides user interface so that you can get a view of accounts information. Notice that every time that you run D'CENT Mobile App, it synchronizes with the Biometric Wallet. During the synchronization, the Biometric wallet provides the correct account information (public address) to the D'CENT Mobile App, making sure that what you see on the Mobile App is the correct account address.

In the case of Bitcoin, it is recommended to change the address once it is used to protect a certain level of privacy because anyone can see the transaction details and balance when the address is exposed. This is proposed in the BIP-32 and BIP-44 specifications related to Bitcoin, and many hardware wallet companies support this function.

In the case of D'CENT, we provide a function that shows the list of used addresses from the mobile app to mitigate the discomfort of not knowing the previously used Bitcoin addresses. To find out how to check all your BTC public addresses, please click here.

Since the D'CENT mobile app maintains a transaction record for all addresses, there is no problem to continue using the bitcoin address before the change. For more information about the Bitcoin address, please click here.

Why does it take long to transfer a large amount of Bitcoin?

When transferring Bitcoin, fragments(small amounts) of bitcoins from many blocks are collected and transmitted. If your Bitcoin balance is fragmented in too many blocks, it will take a lot of time to collect and to send them all. This isn't always the case, but the larger the number of Bitcoins you send, the more likely it will be to collected from multiple blocks, which will usually take more time. If a transaction takes too much time, it can have multiple side effects. Customers may think that the Wallet function has stopped working and it actually increases the chances of an error. For this reason, D'CENT provides a method for dividing and transmitting multiple transactions if the bitcoin account balance is highly fragmentation. For example, a large sum of single bitcoin transfer request may be divided into 2 transactions, thus the customer will confirm twice.

Can I cancel a pending transaction?

Due to the nature of blockchain cryptocurrency protocol, a transaction cannot be canceled or changed once the transaction is broadcasted to the blockchain network. The only option you have is to wait for the pending transaction to complete. If a pending transaction is not validated by the blockchain network for an extended period of time, the pending transaction will get dropped. However, for an Ethereum transaction, a pending transaction can be canceled by sending a new transaction with a small amount of Ethereum and a higher transaction fee to your own Ethereum address. If the newly sent transaction gets validated first before the previous pending transaction, the pending transaction will be canceled.

Ripple (XRP) remittance is not working. What are the precautions when sending to an Exchange?

  • After the transfer, the remaining balance in your account must be at least 10 XRP.

  • Balance before remittance-(remittance amount + commission)> = 10 XRP.

  • Many exchanges require a Destination Tag when depositing XRP as an exchange. When sending money to an exchange, please make sure that the Destination Tag is required before sending money. If you do not fill in the Tag, your money may get lost forever or it may take a very long time for the Exchange to recover your fund.

Why is the remaining 10 XRP in my wallet not transferrable?

Ripple's policy requires a transfer of Ripple of 10 XRP or higher to convert a newly created XRP wallet address to an activated state. The cost of address activation is 10 XRP and it will be locked up to the XRP account, this means that the reserve amount of 10 XRP cannot be withdrawn.

Coin was sent to my wallet, but the balance is not showing. What should I do?

In most cases, it is the case that you entered the address incorrectly or it takes a long time due to low transaction fee paid.

  • If you received a coin, please check it on the mobile app.

  • Try refreshing the account balances while remaining on the "Account" tab. Pull down the screen and release to refresh.

  • Try searching the address from Block Explorer and check if the SEND / RECEIVE was successful.

I created many accounts but, now only few of them are actually used. Can't I only see the accounts that I want to see?

  • D'CENT Biometric Wallet shows all supported coins.

  • The mobile app uses a method of adding an account, so please only add the account you actually use. If you added a lot of accounts for testing, you can delete all the account information by following the instruction as below.

    • To delete all accounts information on Biometric Wallet, go to [Setting] -> [Security] -> [Delete Account].

    • Re-add only the accounts you want to see from the mobile app.

"Delete Account" does not delete the private keys or your crypto assets. Make sure to remember or write down which accounts you have.

Isn't it vulnerable to security when connected via Bluetooth?

With exception to the publicly disclosed transaction data from the blockchain, ALL important data is processed inside the security chip in the Biometric Wallet. Therefore, even if the data transmission in the Bluetooth communication is tracked, the assets inside the cold wallet cannot be hacked.

Can I use my mobile phone and D'CENT Biometric Wallet using the wired connection?

For Android phones, you can use it by connecting with an OTG cable. Please click here for more information.

Can I send coins using only the Biometric Wallet without the mobile app or a PC software?

Since the D'CENT Biometric Wallet does not have internet network function, it is necessary to communicate with external software to transfer coins. We recommend using the D'CENT mobile app.

How secure is D'CENT Wallet? What features are included to enhance security?

D'CENT Wallet is a product made by top experts who have long worked in cryptographic chip and Secure OS development. Credit card, banking card, USIM card, TEE, etc. have been developed for nearly 20 years and D'CENT Wallet is developed using security techniques learnt in the field. The following is a brief introduction to security considerations.

  • Using smart card security chip (credit card and bank sector certified for security) for secure key storage and secure processing of transaction signing

  • Fingerprint algorithm is mounted on the smart card to process fingerprint information only within the security chip

  • Proprietary Secure OS

D'CENT Biometric Wallet has been subjected to security inspection by a third-party professionals in security auditing, and you can check the contents here.

Can I perform firmware update from my mobile phone?

In general, the firmware update is performed by connecting the device to a personal computer. For those in possession of the OTG cable, the firmware update can be performed directly from the mobile phone (Android only). OTG cable connection is not supported by Apple devices.

Firmware update stopped in the middle. What should I do?

Firmware update usually takes around 5 minutes. It may take up to 10 minutes. If there is no progress after this time, please press and hold both the "Down button" + "Power button" to force shutdown and try again. Detailed guide can be found here.

Will I be able to continue managing my assets if D'CENT (IoTrust) goes out of business?

Although highly unlike for D'CENT (IoTrust) to stop the wallet service, but if that situation ever happens, you will be able to continue managing your assets in the following ways.

  • Customers manage assets by transferring funds to another wallets other than D'CENT.

  • D'CENT will release the mobile app or software to the public for anyone to use or modify if the service is stopped.

  • We are continually promoting integration with other popular software wallets. Customers will be offered a variety of options to choose from among several alternatives.

Is there a way for my family to access my wallet if I die or no longer able to manage my wallet for any other reasons?

The main information that allows managing your wallet are password, fingerprint, and recovery card. In case of emergency, you can manage it in the following way.

  • Share recovery words

    • If you have shared the recovery word with your family, your family can use them to recover the assets.

  • Enroll second fingerprint

    • You can enroll up to 2 fingerprints on the Biometric Wallet. If the second fingerprint is registered in the hardware, it can be used to unlock and access the funds inside.

Please register carefully as the second fingerprint also has the same authority to send coins.

Is there another wallet other than the D'CENT mobile app that I can use together with the Biometric Wallet?

Currently, there are no other wallets available other than the D'CENT mobile app. Since we are working with several software wallets, using D'CENT hardware with other wallets are not far away.

We will announce it separately when the work is completed.

There are several wallet modes, such as Biometric Wallet, Card type Wallet, and Software Wallet. Are they all using the same private key?

Since each wallet is a separate wallet, they all use different keys. Assuming that you are using the mobile app in all 3 different modes, then you are using 3 different wallets with different private keys.

How to back up Card type Wallet?

The original Card type wallet can be backed up using a BACKUP Card wallet. More information on a BACKUP Card can be found here.

Can I use the Card type Wallet on the iPhone?

For iPhone 7 or higher and iOS 13 or higher, you can use the Card type Wallet. You can find out more here.

Where does D'CENT retrieve exchange rate values for cryptocurrencies in its wallets?

D'CENT Wallet uses the price information provided by Coingecko, which is the world’s largest independent cryptocurrency data aggregator with over 6,000 different crypto assets tracked across more than 400 exchanges worldwide.

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