Troubleshooting Guide (Mac)

Check the D'CENT bridge program version running on your computer.

For Mac, you can check the bridge version that appears on the taskbar. If the older version of the D'CENT bridge is running already, you will need to "Quit" the program and install the newest version. Make sure to check the version again after installing the latest version.

My D’CENT wallet was disconnected while the firmware was being updated. The device is stuck on a screen and it won’t turn off. What should I do?

First, disconnect your D’CENT wallet from your computer.

Press and hold both the "Down (v) button" + "Power button" for few seconds to force the device to power off. If your device is "brick"ed during the firmware update, you can still access the bootloader mode by pressing and holding both "OK button" + "Power button" for 10 seconds.

From the bootloader mode, you can try updating the firmware to recover your Biometric Wallet.

From the D'CENT firmware update webpage, I pressed "Update Firmware" button, but I get the following message; "Your D'CENT is disconnected. Firmware Update process is cancelled". What should I do?

In rare cases, Mac OS system fails to recognize the D’CENT wallet even though it was recognized before. This issue can be solved by checking the following in the system's settings.

1) Go to About This Mac --> Overview --> System Report Look under Hardware --> USB --> See if D'CENT is shown as in the picture below

2) Go to System Preferences --> Security & Privacy Check to see that System Events box is ticked on for the D'CENT Bridge

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