How to receive coin

In order to receive cryptocurrency assets, you must first create an account to check the address where you can receive them.

When adding a cryptocurrency account to your D'CENT wallet, please make sure it is on the same network as sender's coins. If the support network is different, you will not receive coins.

How to create a coin account

Receive coin using Biometric Wallet

D'CENT Biometric Wallet offers a convenient feature of showing the account address in the QR code.

  • From the main screen select the coin account you want and press OK button to see the account info.

  • Press OK button again to see the address in hex(numbers + characters) form.

  • Press OK button for one last time to see the address in the QR code.

  • Present the QR code to the sender to scan with the mobile camera.

  • If QR code is read correctly, your address will be automatically inserted in the sender's wallet.

Receive coin using Mobile App

Run the mobile app and you will see your accounts in the My Wallet tab.

  • From your coin account, click "Receive" to view your account address.

  • Your account address in QR code can be scanned by the sender's camera.

  • To share the hex address to your sender, use the "Copy" or "Share" function.

You can just run the mobile app to see the account address.

You can use it more safely if you check the address once again from the Biometric Wallet.

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