Biometric Wallet "Setting" menu

Bluetooth Menu

This menu is for connecting Biometric Wallet via Bluetooth with Android phone or iOS phone.

For connecting Bluetooth for Android, more information can be found here. For connecting Bluetooth for iOS, more information can be found here.

Security Menu

Change PIN

The (4 to 8 digits) PIN is used for authentication if fingerprint authentication fails, and your PIN is also required when adding or deleting fingerprint data. You can change your PIN by entering the old PIN and entering the new PIN twice. Carefully choose your PIN and remember them. For instructions on how to change PIN, please refer here.

Enroll Finger

You can enroll up to 2 fingerprints on the Biometric Wallet. When enrolling a new fingerprint, you must enter your PIN.

The second fingerprint added has the same privileges as the default fingerprint. Coin transfer is also possible, so please be extra careful when adding the second fingerprint that is other than yours.

Delete Finger

This menu is for deleting all the fingerprint data. To delete, you must first enter PIN and confirm to delete.

If there are 2 fingerprint data saved, both of them will be deleted at once.

Delete Account

Delete Account menu is for erasing all public information of your wallet accounts. However, this will not delete any of the private keys associated to the wallet accounts you have created. When you synchronize your Biometric Wallet and with the Mobile App, you will notice that there is no account showing under the "Account" Tab. If you re-add a coin account from the Mobile App, your existing account will reappear.

This feature is useful if you have previously added many wallet accounts but they are no longer used or you do not wish to see them appear on the Mobile App.

Before you perform the "Delete Account", make sure you keep track of which coin accounts you have previously created.

Device Wipe

Device Wipe is for resetting your Biometric Wallet to factory state. This means the Biometric Wallet will be in the same condition as if newly purchased.

If you perform the Device Wipe, your whole wallet will be deleted including all your private keys. To perform Device Wipe, you must enter your PIN, read the warning message displayed and press OK button to confirm [OK & OFF]. When device is powered on, you will notice that your Biometric Wallet is in the factory state.

When you confirm [OK&OFF] to Device Wipe, all information will be deleted including private keys. Make sure you have your Mnemonic Codes before you perform Device Wipe.

25th Word (the Passphrase)

The passphrase (25th word) is an advanced security feature available on the D’CENT Biometric hardware wallet. It adds an extra word to your existing mnemonic code (24 words) to create a completely new set of private keys (accounts). You can find detailed information in the link below.

Seed Check

From the Seed Check menu, you can check whether the mnemonic code (24 words or 25th word) you have matches with the mnemonic code in the device you are currently using.

24 word : After entering all 24 words, click "I am ready" on the next Review screen to start the match verification. If the 24 words you have entered are correct, it will be marked as "Match" on the screen. 25 word : If you have set the 25th word (the Passphrase), you can check by first entering all 24 words and then entering the word you set as the 25th word.

25th Word (the Passphrase)

Language Menu

You can change the language used on the Biometric Wallet.

Language support : English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish

Device Info Menu

You can check the Biometric Wallet device information from this menu.

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