Firmware Update (from mobile)

Mobile Firmware update

Currently the mobile firmware update is only possible for the Android Phones.
Android users with an OTG cable can perform firmware update directly from their phone.
Mobile Firmware update is available from D'CENT App v5.15.0 or higher.

D'CENT Genuine OTG cable

OTG cable is a special type of USB cable that makes your Android phone to act as a Host(Master) device that can update the firmware on the Biometric wallet (the slave device).
OTG cable can be purchase from D'CENT official website.

Firmware update indicator

When D'CENT adds support to a new blockchain network, a new firmware will be available for installation. Your mobile app will show an indication when a newer version of the firmware is released.

Before you update the firmware

Make sure you have your Mnemonic Code (24 seeds/words) for recovery
24 words were provided during the Initial Setup of your Biometric Wallet and you have written them down on the recovery card. Make sure you still have the recovery card before you proceed with the firmware update. Unlike other products, your wallet will still remain safely intact inside the secure chip even after updating the firmware. This means that you don't need to recover your wallet every time you update the firmware as other products requires you to do.
After you update the firmware, you cannot roll-back to the previous version
To perform the firmware update, it is recommended to use the original D'CENT OTG cable. Firmware update will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Updating the firmware from an Android phone

Connect Biometric Wallet with Android Phone using OTG cable

When the Biometric Wallet is connected with Android phone using the OTG cable, a message will show up on the phone's screen. Make sure you press OK to allow connection.
From the Manager Tab, click on Firmware Update.

Proceed with the firmware update

1. Click on FIRMWARE UPDATE button.
2. Wait until the Biometric Wallet is detected.
3. Click on Go to update button.
4. Click on Reboot in bootloader mode button.
5. Biometric Wallet will automatically reboot. When the message shows up on your Phone's screen, make sure to press OK to allow connection.
6. Click on Update to the latest version button.
7. Wait patiently (approximately 10 minutes) for the firmware update to complete. When the firmware update has completed, the Biometric Wallet will automatically reboot to its normal working mode.
8. Click on Go to My Wallet button to finish.