How to add a custom token account
Custom tokens are token-type cryptocurrencies that are not listed in the support list. Custom token accounts can be added manually by the user for management.
For custom added accounts, only the amount of cryptocurrency held is displayed. Other information such as the market price and converted balance is not displayed.
To request official support for a specific token from D'CENT Wallet, please use the Google form below. Requesting support for a new blockchain network can take a significant amount of time.
Custom tokens can be added for the following blockchain networks: ✅ Ethereum (ERC20) ✅ RSK (RRC20) ✅ Klaytn (KCT) ✅ BSC (BEP20) ✅ XinFin (XRC20) ✅ Polygon (Polygon ERC20) ✅ Luniverse (Luniverse TKN) ✅ Hedera (Hedera HTS) ✅ Stacks (SIP010) ✅ HECO (HRC20) ✅ xDai (xDai ERC20) ✅ FTM (FTM ERC20) ✅ Celo (Celo ERC20) ✅ META (Meta MRC20) ✅ KCC (KCC ERC20) ✅ SONGBIRD (Songbird ERC20) ✅ AVAX C-Chain (AVAX ERC20) ✅ EWC (EWC ERC20) ✅ Arbitrum (Arbitrum ERC20) ✅ BOBA L2 (BOBA ERC20) ✅ OEC (OEC KIP20)

How to add a custom token account

Adding custom tokens is straightforward and easy. Before you can add a custom token, make sure you have already created its respective blockchain account.
For example, if you intend to add an ERC20, you must first have created an Ethereum account in the wallet.
1) Click on ‘+Add Custom Token
2) Select the correct Blockchain Network where your custom token was issued.
3) Enter the smart contract address, Symbol, and Decimals.
4) Press Next to add the custom token.
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