Checking account info on Biometric Wallet

From the Biometric Wallet, you can check the account information that is synchronized with the mobile app.

Even if the Biometric Wallet is not synchronized with the mobile app, the basic account information for each coin can be checked from the Biometric Wallet.

Check account info

The main screen of the device lists various coin accounts. Select and choose an account to view the details.

For more information on how to create an account, please see here.

For more information on synchronizing between Biometric Wallet and mobile app, please see here.

The date and time information displayed in the account info is the time when the last added coin account was created.

Check account address

Without the mobile app, you can also check coin account address and QR code form of the address from the Biometric Wallet.

Deleting account info on the Biometric Wallet

If there are too many unused accounts and you want to delete account information, you can do the following. In this case, all account information is deleted. 1) On your Biometric Wallet, navigate to "Setting > Security > Delete Account"

2) Enter your PIN and when you confirm the warning message by "OK button", all your account info will be deleted. 3) Synchronize with your mobile app and you will notice that there is no account shown on the mobile app screen.

When Delete Wipe is performed, the private keys for the coin accounts are NOT deleted and will remain protected inside the Biometric Wallet.

From the mobile app, you can re-add the accounts that you would like to see again.

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