How to mint NFTs based on Polygon network using Opensea

What is NFT minting?

💡 Minting refers to process of creating something new, ie: gold to coin. In the blockchain space, Minting an artwork refers to the act of tokenizing the artwork.

How to mint an NFT on the Polygon network

OpenSea, which is popularly used, is a platform that trades NFT tokens. It started based on the Ethereum network and now supports Polygon and Klaytn networks. Among them, it is possible to create NFT and register sales without paying gas fee. Let's take a look at the minting method based on the Polygon network.

If you don't have a polygon account, please create a polygon account first.

※ OpenSea supports the “Lazy minting” method. Lazy Minting is a way to reduce the cost burden of issuing NFTs by the creators(sellers) from paying fees to the blockchain network until they sell NFTs.

① Access the Discovery section of the D'CENT wallet.

Search in the search bar at the top to access the site or Click the OpenSea button (only available in Android).

③ When you access the opensea service, click the top right corner.

④ Select Polygon network.

⑤ Click the Connect button to connect the OpenSea service and the wallet.

⑥ After that, check that the network icon at the top is correctly connected.

⑦ Press the "Create" button.

⑧ Click the OK button to approve interworking with your wallet.

Create New Item (NFT)

① Choose a file.*

A file can be from video, audio, image to 3D model, and after checking the available extensions.

Click the dotted box to select and upload the file to be created.(Required item)

(The file size that can be uploaded is up to 100MB, so please check and proceed with the upload.)

② Name*

Enter the name of the NFT to be created.(Required item)

Users can access the seller's web page through the NFT to obtain detailed information.

If you have a personal web page, it's a good idea to write down the URL.

④ Description

Write down the description of the NFT.

It is recommended that you write down the planning intention or explanation for the NFT to be created.

⑤ Collection

It's the part where you choose the collection.

When uploading various NFTs, it is recommended to create and distinguish a collection suitable for the topic in advance.


Enter the number of NFTs to be created.

⑦ Blockchain

You can select which blockchain network to be used for creating an NFT.

Click the drop-down menu and select Polygon.


Press the blue Create button to create NFT!

Now, you can see through a new window that nft has been created.

NFTs that have been minted can also be found in OpenSea's Account > Profile.

(Check the details you have created when clicking on the image, and you can modify, delete, or go to the NFT sales registration page.)

※ OpenSea is configured to check the NFT on the blockchain after registering for sales.

Please refer to the following for sales methods. ↓↓

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