All4One - No loss lottery service

What is All4One?

D’CENT All4One is weekly lucky draw service based on staking cryptocurrency (DAI). All4One is a no loss lottery with the weekly prize money generated from all the DAI cryptocurrency staked in the interest earning pool.

To earn interest by participating in the pool, a user must first deposit cryptocurrency, which is quite cumbersome and unfamiliar for many users. To simplify this process and to make All4One service FREE for our users, D’CENT operates and maintains a large number of deposits in the interest earning pool. Each D’CENT address in the pool holds X amount of DAI and it is bound to an Applicant that participates in the weekly drawing. If one of the D’CENT addresses is selected a winning account for the week, the binding Applicant will win all the interest earned from all the money in the pool. The prize money will be sent to the winner’s own DAI account address.

To try your luck in All4One weekly contest, simply press the “Apply” button from the D’CENT Wallet App.

More details about All4One service :

How to join

1. Please install “D’CENT Wallet” Application at Google Play Store or App Store. 2. If you do not have D’CENT hardware wallets (Biometric or Card), please select “App Wallet”. 3. Please register PIN number. 4. Under Event menu, just click “Apply” button. That’s all.